Henna Powder

Hennaz Art Henna powder comes from Sojat, Rajasthan. Our henna is cultivated
and harvested in the open farm fields of Sojat, Rajasthan. It's 100% organic, which means we don't use and neither support the use of pesticides in our crop.
Our Henna leaves are harvested from late September to October, then the leaves are kept to dry. After much inspection, the leaves are then crushed and finely triple sifted to produce a finer quality henna powder. 
Henna naturally has a dye content. If you touch the dry leaves or the powder, your hands won't stain but wait till you add water to it and let it sit for a bit then apply it on your skin. It will stain your skin an orange stain at first and then will progress to become shades of brown and burgundy.
We have been using our own henna powder to make henna cones and we are so excited to have launched our own henna powder too we launched it too. 
Hennaz Art Organic Sojenna Henna Powder