Henna Stains

Henna stains very uniquely. It contains a dye molecule called Lawsone. Your skin will stain when this dye is in direct contact with your skin. 

Hennaz Art Henna StainPhoto taken by @razimages, 68 hours after application. Henna paste kept for more than 12 hours.

The color of the stain really depends on various factors. We recommend that you keep your henna paste on your skin for 8 to 15 hours or as long as you can. The longer henna paste is kept on your skin, the darker the stain might get.

Great aftercare is important, however, the warmth and thickness of your skin really makes a difference in the color of your stain too. The thicker your skin and the warmer it is, the darker the stain will be. 

For instance, henna on the palms of our hands and the sole of our feet, stains darker while henna on the back of our hands, arms, back, neck and leg would be lighter. 

 Hennaz Art Henna Mandala StainPhoto taken by @yussre 48 hours after application. Henna paste kept for 10 hours 


We have some tricks and tips up our sleeves to share with you so you can achieve darker stains!

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