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Jagua 100% Cone
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Jagua 100% Cone

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Hennaz Art Jagua cone is made from 100% Jagua fruit juice. The Jagua fruit grows in South America. Our Jagua cones are designed to make intricate designs.

This Jagua cone is 15 grams each and will give you Black blueish stain depending on the skin's undertones. 

Apply just like you would apply Henna. Dry and wash off under warm water after 2 to 3 hours of applying. The stain will be extremely light in the first few hours, almost non-existent. Watch the stain mature in the next 12 to 30 hours to a beautiful dark black stain with a bluish tint. 

Be extremely careful. Jagua stains right away and you may not see the stain right away but it will show later. Be careful with mess ups.

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